Coronavirus Have Ushered Us Into A New World – Corporate Strategist

A Nigerian Man identified as Dan Okojie have taken to Facebook to make certain emphasis on the Coronavirus pandemic that’s ravaging many nations of recent. According to the notable writivist;


β€œFor some years now, major companies in the world have been test running and migrating to “working from home” models. Employees were given remote access to company clouds and can do almost 100% of their routine activities from anywhere in the world, they can attend meetings via tele-conferencing, holographic channels etc. What did these companies know?


With Artificial Intelligence, less workers are needed in factories and other repetitive jobs. The aftermath of COVID19 would lead to a new world economic order. Companies that have mastered the art of working with lean teams consuming little in terms of real estate, with enormous virtual presence, will remain afloat. Airlines, educational institutions, factories etc.


There’s more to COVID19 than we are willing to admit. I’m afraid, it has just ushered us into a new world.


I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but as a student of corporate strategy, I must admit, we have just entered into something like never before.”

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