Corona Virus Disease: My Comprehensive knowledge on its implication

My Comprehensive knowledge on the implication of covid-19 pandemic.

The corona virus popularly known as Covid-19 originated from China and got spread to about 196 countries and territories in every continent across the globe. Based on laboratory findings, the covid-19 is described as an infectious disease that is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome.

While there are ongoing efforts to curtail the spread of the virus which is almost entirely caused by human-to-human transmission, there has been numerous confirmed cases of over 550,000 with over 30,000 death cases. This virus is really affecting most places, hereby causing lockdown in such places.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the globe, it is already seen from the emergence of the virus that there are implications on the globe. For instance, the pandemic has caused slowdowns in the global economy.Its spread has left businesses around the world counting lost. The existence of the virus is destroying the economic growth. The hotels, relaxation centres and the tourist centres are facing declined demands and patronage.

Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the transportation system. Ever since borders has been closed, there has been a slow down on aviation and this is as the result of the implication of the pandemic on global travels.this is done to curtail the transportation of people since it’s known that it’s easily transmitted through human contact.
Also the impact on social events are as a result of it’s implication on the society. Ever since its outbreak, there has not been any kind of events round the globe such as weddings, birthday ceremonies, football matches, religious gatherings et cetra .
Even, it is already apparent from the occurence of the pandemic that there are implications on the education sector. All learning centres has been on a lock down.


Governments have employed E-learning as a tool to reach to students from their homes. Hmm! It is as though the world has been put to a pause as this virus is seen as a giant before men, but with all hands on deck, the Covid-19 pandemic will be conquered.

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