Controversy: Open Message To Multi Level Marketers

Dear Multi level Marketers, I doubt if it’s a fantastic marketing strategy using people’s unfortunate loss of job and livelihood due to the ongoing pandemic to lure them into signing up in your business.

Please, this is purely a case of emotional blackmail. Let your organization or products bring enough value and give people the reason to sign up.

Where’s the place of empathy and human feelings? Are you rejoicing over their unfortunate loss of job?

Who says everyone must be involved in your business? Please, look for other strategies to get your business proposal across to them.

Multi Level Marketers

Which one be, “Access bank has dropped 75% of their staff? And so what? They should commit suicide? Allow them to breath and think of what next to do.

Na wa!!!

Hey!!! Don’t show yourself here?? 🙄🙄

Written By: Ibiere N-Oti (Facebook user)

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