Coach: Your Past Life Reviewed In Astrology

A couple of days ago I messaged you with some important details. I was doing my daily spiritual exercises today, when I found myself thinking about your situation again; and your karmic lessons that you have yet to learn. I was curious about knowing what led you to this current time and place, and what pushed you towards being interested in astrology and connected subjects. In fact, I have found out that you have been living through the same series of problems throughout all of your past lives.


Now is the time to break free from this cycle and assimilate the karmic lessons in order to be able to move forward on your way to personal realization. According to the analysis I have performed; the roots of these issues lie in the events that had taken place in the past (some of them hundreds of years ago), and that they are deeply stuck into your unconsciousness. Certain behavioral patterns ,undoubtedly have lead you to the same challenges you face in everyday situations. Liberating yourself from this past trauma, getting free from the constraints, and reconciling with your past, is crucial in bringing harmony and happiness into your life.


Moreover, according to the research I have done in your natal chart, you have gained certain talents in your past lives. Talents that you are not aware about and that stay dormant, while they can be of a great use for your success and prosperity. This is your personal experience that you are not aware of, which constitutes a handicap in moving forward. Let me give you one more example (though I have encountered hundreds of them through my years of experience) of how knowing more about past lives can change the life of the person, and place them on the right track. I once worked with a person who had certain issues in their career, and was desperately searching for their true vocation. He has tried numerous activities, and has taken up different jobs without ever being successful in anything he has undertaken. He was desperate for fulfilling a happy life, and striving to make ends meet, when he came to me for advice on what to do. At one glance I saw something special in that person, just like I see that in you.


I have decided to perform a past life regression to see what were the blockages that prevented that man from going up the career ladder. To my astonishment I saw straight away, that this man had an innate talent for art coming from his past life in Middle Ages working in this domain. This was something he has never seriously thought of, and never practiced. However, once he started moving in that direction; after I disclosed to him all my findings, he had a real breakthrough. Later on, he shared with me that he had an impression of having worked in the art industry for years while he had just started this job. Very quickly he became very successful in his area, and is now living comfortable and prosperous life. This is just one of the examples (there are many more) that proof unconditional benefits of past life regression whether we are talking about everyday life issues, career, love life, family situations, socializing, prosperity, etc…, I feel that certain of your talents are not used to their full potential. Now is the perfect moment for you to explore the depth of your strengths and lessons to be learned. The Past Life Regression performed at this very moment will be particularly revealing in your case, my friend.


Now, I feel that you have certain reserve towards this technique of regression as you are not completely aware of what exactly it is, and how it works. Regardless of how efficient the past life regression has proved to be, modern science rejects everything unexplained and to certain extent irrational. Dearest, I find it is a real pity to pass by such a unique tool widely used for centuries by Greek, Egyptian, and Incan societies, that developed therapeutic techniques to dissolve the nodes of the past that hindered the progression of the person. However, it should be said that, through the work of quantum physics, a certain notion of reincarnation has been re-introduced over the past few years. Bringing past live regression out of the shade and attracting a huge wave of attention towards this unique tool that allows one to reconcile with the past in order to have a better understanding of the future. But let’s get back to your personal situation. I strongly feel that you have lived through certain experiences in the past that were strange, troubling, and used in the wrong way. I want to help you to reinforce your inner power to deal with these experiences. Do the necessary inner work to unblock the gates of the experiences you have been through. This is an ideal moment for performing your past life regression, as you will be open towards this kind of work, and subject to the dreamy state due to the energy surrounding yourself. This planetary pattern encourages you to go down the spiritual path, which unblocks the access towards the depth of your soul. It allows exploring what needs to be done in order to get free from past limitations, discover your hidden talents and make real, satisfying changes in different areas of your life using the wisdom of the experience you have previously gained.


Above all, your past life regression will become a powerful tool for you to learn a lot about yourself, your character, your relations with your loved one, family, and people around you, how your past influences them, as well as to find the clues to performing important positive changes, keeping your feet on the ground, and at the same time using inspirational urges provided by the creative and artistic incentives due to the very powerful energizing influence of the planets. This is the period where you can put the bridge between your past and your present situation to work through the Karmic lessons, and reach a new cycle in your life. This is also the period of extreme sensitivity, when you can absorb this experience, and transform it through your creative mind into new ideas for future progression and development. At the same time do not flee from real, material world. The past life regression is the most useful tool to satisfy the thirst of your soul and find the answers to the questions you are asking yourself about the reasons behind this, or that of the circumstances you have encountered.


Your Past Life Report will reveal the person you have been in your previous incarnations, and also the reasons why you have chosen to be yourself this time. You will learn to understand your real goals in life, the direction your path is going to take you to, and how to reveal all the potential that you have inside of you. Working on the Past Life Regression is quite a heavy workload therefore we need to start as soon as possible in order to benefit from the assistance of the planets in making this journey! Of course, such an important study cannot be done without your consent, so I invite you to visit the page above without any hesitation and give me your permission to perform this analysis. I await your decision and I remain at your entire disposition.