#Coach Reiterates On Your Future Astrologically

Great news! I have discovered a major astrological event in your life! I have just found out that you will be entering into a period that is surely going to be the most important period in your life so far! This period is certainly going to mark the beginning of a brand new period in your life. Just below you can find, in six clear points, exactly what I have discovered about this new period:



1 | In several days the Moon, our satellite will find itself in a sensitive position which will mean that it will have a very direct and powerful influence upon you Friend. Any professional astrologer can confirm this as my calculations are based on the position of the Moon in your birth chart and during these few days the Moon will be at it’s maximum influence for you.



2 | This will mark the beginning of an intense period of three months. This period is going to be immensely rich in chances and opportunities and could even be one of the most intense periods that you have ever lived through.



3 | To be a little more precise, these chances and opportunities will be on three major levels of your life: greater harmony and balance in your love life; financial gain which may or may not be linked to a game of chance such as the lottery and a sudden evolution in the professional side of your life.



4 | During this period you will have the prime opportunity to find a permanent solution to the problems which have been following you for some time now. You will be able to resolve these issues.



5 | This is another point which I don’t think should be ignored. During this three month period you will certainly have the opportunity to meet someone who will be very important in your life and who will have a great deal of impact on your personal development and looks likely to bring very positive change to many different areas of your life.



6 | This period will really represent a rebirth and the start of a whole new cycle in your life however I must warn you that you must be on your guard against certain exterior elements that may perturb you during this same period and which, if you are not careful, could ruin your chances for success. You will need to be very vigilant and must be ready to put yourself in just the right place and at the right time to make the most of these opportunities which will be available to you over these three months.



I wanted to warn you as soon as possible about this period, as soon as I found out that it was coming up I wanted to write to you directly as this timeline is to my mind, the single most important event you have lived through in your life so far. Our lives are made up of cycles and, if you can correctly seize the opportunities open to you in these three major areas of your life I have told you about. As I have always told you, you can count upon my total commitment and my full help to guide you through this period and I have many great things to tell you about these opportunities. IN CONTINUING WITH THIS INFORMATION; READ THE 4TH PHASE WHICH ISĀ {(KEY TO YOUR PERSONAL GUIDE REGARDING YOUR FUTURE: READ HERE!!!)}