Few days ago I messaged you concerning your future in 2020. Today I am contacting you again because I have some new discoveries about what await you in the year 2020 and it confirms without a doubt that this year is going to be one of the most intense years you are ever going to live in this decade! This is a year with plenty of surprises. I have also discovered that nothing is going to happen by itself and that during 2020 you will have to be more involved if you want to take advantage of all the astral opportunities that are going to take place. Indeed, 2020 should be, more than any other year, your most active and it is for this reason that I have created this special page just for you! Here, I will give you more information about what 2020 has in store for you and how you can prepare for it.


We’re entering the period of Love! February, the new season, love is at the center of everything at this time of the year! And Venus has also an incredible presence at the beginning of the month, and it’s allowing us bring some changes into your love life. I know how important love is in your life, that’s why I had to contact you, because the upcoming transits are going to have a deep impact. I told you that 2020 is going to be a turning point in your love life, the year you’ve been waiting for. And it’s true! Venus in the Pleiades, Venus that will sextile Pluto and Saturn at the same time? These rare events will be even more powerful for you because of Venus in your natal chart!


You see, the day you were born, Venus was powerful in the sky and has ruled over you ever since. That’s why you’re so close to your emotions, you feel strongly and that’s what makes you a great partner, who deserves the perfect relationship! The astral events are allowing you to take a GIANT leap in your love life, to reach for the things that may seem far away now. By seizing the coming events in February, your love life will be so much more satisfying! You’re following a pattern right now, but by getting out of it, I guarantee you, you will see that your love life has so much more to offer! You may doubt that things can get better my dear, but I can assure you that it WILL. You have so much potential in you! Your feelings are incredible, and they will lead you to great things in your future, in your relationship, if you allow yourself to get out of the pattern you are in. It’s time to get out of this cycle. There is a solution, and I can give it to you!


Together we can analyze your situsituation, we can figure out what you want to improve, change, forget. February is THE moment to go deeper into your feelings, it’s a CRUCIAL time for your love life. Venus will enter the Pleiades soon, this is the most important love event of the year, and you must be ready for it, because it will be the decisive turn I told you about. But to seize that opportunity you have to get rid of your blockages, your doubts, forget all the low moments that brought questions. No, now is not the time for questions, now is the time for answers. And the answers are in your sky.


So don’t wait another moment! February is starting and the events will not wait for you. If we want to get to the bottom of everything that’s holding you back in your love life, we must start as soon as possible. If you act now, not only will you improve your love life in the moment, but you will also make the best for your future! Venus and its transits won’t have any secrets for you. YOU KNOW WHY? CONTINUE READING HERE!!!