Clergyman Rejects SUV And N4M Gift From Internet Fraudsters

A notable Anambra State-based pastor, Ejike Nwachukwu, has rejected ₦4million cash gift, and a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) offered to him by two ‘suspected’ Internet fraudsters in exchange for prayers for the success of a deal they were to engage in.


When the pastor, who’s a lawyer, studied them, he had to ask them, their source of income…


The Pastor, as gathered by revealed the following:


Ejike Nwachukwu

Two young men came to my office the other day with ₦2m cash. They said it was seed offering and that they had a business they were looking forward to God to bless soon and that the money was seed offering. I looked at the two young boys with ₦2m. I asked them what business they were expecting and they said it was a deal and that they would bring more money to me once the deal paid off. They promised to buy me a SUV.”


I prayed and the Lord revealed to me that it was Internet fraud and I told them so and they confirmed it was true. walked them out of my office, but one returned with an extra ₦2m in the hope that if the money was much, I would accept it, but I sent them out.”


The clergyman described those who indulged in Internet fraud as worse than armed robbers.