Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi from Nigeria emerges first black President at University of Plymouth, UK

Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi is the first

Anambra-Born Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi is the first NIGERIAN and also the first black person to emerge as President at University of Plymouth, UK


  • ✍️ Meet’ University of Plymouth, UK first black President, Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi from Nigeria in West Africa
  • ✍️ Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi, a 24-year-old, has set a huge record by emerging the first black student president at University of Plymouth
  • ✍️ He defeated two other Britons by a wide margin as he scored 1817 votes to secure the seat as the President, University of Plymouth, UK
  • ✍️ He is an indigene of Anambra state from Nnobi in Idemili local government, he passed the required number of votes of 1706 to secure the coveted seat.
  • ✍️ The student had in the past served as the Vice president of the same institution’s students union government Nigerians are not only performing well in their schools abroad, but they are also doing well at the helms of political affairs in their various institutions.


Mentorslinks learnt from NewsMakers that, 24-year-old Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi who is the current rave in politics abroad as he became the first black student president of the University of Plymouth in the UK.


He set the record by beating two other British citizens during the election to put a stop to the 28-year white domination in the school’s students union government.


Ezenyi polled whopping votes of 1817 out of the overall 3412 to defeat Jennike Smye and William Styles with 925 and 631 votes respectively.


The Nigerian postgraduate student used his experience as vice president to make a good campaign. He had two degrees already and only studying for his masters in operations and supply management in the school.


In his interview with the media, Ezenyi said that he was very certain he would win because he had a good campaign team to pull it off. He added that he had gathered enough experience as the vice president of the same union.

Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi

He further advised black students in the school to broaden their horizons and avoid a life of crime.

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