Chris Mitchell on LinkedIn shares his Entrepreneural story

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Chris Mitchell

Here’s a story shared shared by up and coming LinkedIn influencer, Chris Mitchell about his first Job. Read;

“My first job was $3.00/hr at a bait & tackle shop. (probably illegal pay at the time)

I walked nearly a quarter-mile every day (partially uphill), and the first week, I got paid with a tackle box and fishing lures.

Many people would complain about that, but I loved every minute of it because I knew it was the beginning of a world of possibilities

I felt a strong sense of pride in knowing I was taking my own life into my hands, assuming full responsibility for my actions.

Knowing that if I could make $3.00 per hour, I could eventually make $300 per hour.

Feeling proud of using the skills that God gifted me with to reach my highest potential and make a difference in the world.

Fast forward 20 years, and I went from bait & tackle shop worker to auction worker, to a manual machinist, to CNC machinist, to sales rep, to owning a digital marketing agency called Intelus where I’ve had the privilege of helping dozens of B2B companies transform their sales & marketing orgs into data-driven revenue ops teams.

Never complain about an opportunity to learn, grow, and move up to the next echelon of your life and career.”

Here are few replies from his followers;

Kimberly Hambrick said; “Helping professionals with a proven system to minimize risks| Move from success to significance. What a wonderful journey you have been on so far. I started working on my 16th birthday and haven’t stopped! My first job was at a grocery store deli. I smelled like meat and cheese always 😂 I take great pride in adding value to others and taking care of myself. Thanks Chris Mitchell”

Dr.TCSM Gupta said; “Very interesting narrative Chris. Yes very true that we only have to realize our potential and aspirations. There is no big source of inspiration other than yourself. Very well articulated story”

Harry Nelson jr said; “My first job payed $1.75 an hour in 1974 at a plastics company a long way from what I was payed in my career when I worked in aviation .”

Paula Devlin said; “My first job was washing dishes in a very busy restaurant. I wanted to be a waitress I did the job so well they gave me a raise instead. Eventually I got the waitress job but would still clean the dishes for them when they needed a hand! I still enjoy washing dishes I don’t have a dishwasher. Lol”

Ish Sachdeva 🎯 BRAND CONSULTING said; “Chris Mitchell I always believe we are the master of our destiny. The steps we take and the decisions we make in touch times makes the difference.”