Chinmark Group Officially Opens Dubai Office

The Chinmark Group has announced the official opening of its Dubai office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) following the birthday celebration of the founder and CEO, Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah.

A confirmatory publication on Chinmark Group’s facebook page reads;

Chinmark Group Officially Opens Dubai Office

“We are excited to announce today that we have officially opened our Doors in the United Arab Emirate with #ChinmarkDubai.

The Chinmark Dubai is our first Foray into the Middle East and Asia. We are grateful to the UAE government for all their support to make sure this happens.

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The Chinmark UAE has three major Sectors ;

  1. Chinmark food and beverages trading LLC
  2. Chinmark Medical Requisites Trading LLC
  3. Chinmark Restaurant LLC

We look forward to doing more business here and expanding our brand beyond Dubai to other parts of the UAE.

Congratulations Chinmarkians, we are global. God is winning for ever.”

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