Check Out The 6 Mind Hacks To Learn Faster

6 Mind Hacks to learn faster:

1. Ambidexterity: Start using your left hand if you are a right hander, right hand if you are a left hander, ambidexterity establishes new connections in the brain and makes you sharper.

2. Skills: Pick skills from people who are good at those skills & implement them. I try to learn one new thing from each person I meet or interact.

3. Doing new things: Doing things you have never done before helps you not just learn new things but also helps you become better at learning faster.

4. Doing things you are afraid of: This is therapeutic because it heals you, helps you experience & learn new things. The bigger the risk the better it is. The biggest risk I took was quitting my job:)

5. Changing the settings in your home: Keep changing the futniture, the places where things are kept at home so you dont become programmed. Folks who become programmed their mind becomes dull. Initially I used to find it annoying but I have begun to enjoy it now.

6. Programming the mind: through auto suggestions, breaking patterns, creating new connections in the brain.

What mind hacks do you use?
Are you getting comfortable?

P.S: Travelling is one more hack, but may not possible currently:)

Article Written By: Sandeep Kochhar

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