Charles Awuzie of Gemsbok Group hints on Why People fail in Business

Influential South African-based Nigerian Man, Charles Awuzie (CEO of Gemsbok Group) has outlined the reasons on why people fail in business.

Below is what Charles Awuzie wroteb

“The major reason why people fail in business is that they are afraid of BIG BUSINESS….

They are comfortable with their street corner shops, salons, small restaurants as far as those small businesses bring in money.

I used to be like that….

I used to spend my energy, time and intelligence in developing small websites for people just to survive… I was making ‘good money’, could afford to buy a few toys until one day, I met a man who STRETCHED my mind. First, he told me to stop developing applications/software if the budget is not above $5,000…. Well, I no longer develop applications or small website projects…. It was a difficult decision to make since our business started as a web/mobile app development company but with time, I realized that I had more time to invest in BIG BUSINESSES.

Charles Awuzie of Gemsbok Group hints on Why People fail in Business
Photo: Charles Awuzie of Gemsbok Group (Facebook)

As an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to grow into bigger businesses.

How long are you going to continue in that shop? Why not list your products on e-commerce websites and sell online?

How long are you going to remain a barber, painter, plumber on the street? When are you going to become a supplier of the tools and equipments of your trade?

Don’t relax in your comfort zone…. Expand… Explore new territories… Spread your bread on the waters… Scatter your seeds… That’s the secret of every Billionaire you honor today.

Elon Musk has his hands on Electric Cars, Power Banks, Neurotechnology, Space etc…

Start training your brain to understand multiple industries.

You are created to be a genius… Yes, you.


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