Career Advice: 7 reasons Why you should build a Brand around YOU and not your Company

7 reasons why you should build a brand around YOU and not your company:

  1. Your brand compounds instead of starting over with each job.
  2. Your brand stays with you regardless of where you work.
  3. Your brand develops connections, not transactions.
  4. Your brand becomes your resume over time.
  5. Your brand unlocks new opportunities.
  6. Your brand isn’t controlled by HR.
  7. Your brand is your safety net.

Don’t build your brand around the company you work for.

They won’t help you rebuild it when you’re “let go”.

Career Advice: 7 reasons Why you should build a Brand around YOU and not your Company

Here are four pieces of career advice I wish I could give my 18 year old self:

  1. If the subjects you cover in school aren’t exciting to you, find ways to get involved in things that are.

Take courses and read books on topics you love, find online communities, etc.

Don’t be limited by a curriculum, get out and explore — that’s how you figure out what you want to do!

  1. Get in the habit of having a side project.

Take something that genuinely interests you and find ways to apply it to the real world.

Start an Instagram page for your photos, build a website, create and share your music on Soundcloud, try freelancing on Upwork, etc.

These look AMAZING on resumes and can lead to some great side income.

  1. Reach out to anyone and everyone — aim big!

CEOs, entrepreneurs, alumni, etc.

Who inspires you?

That .edu address is magic, people will go out of their way to help students.

That magic tends to disappear when you enter the real world.

Take advantage of it while you can! Send one email to someone new every single day.

  1. Understand that failure is part of the process.

No successful person hit it right on the first try.

They all failed many, many times beforehand.

The earlier you begin taking action, failing, and learning, the faster you’ll accelerate your career.


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