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β€œI’ve been told by recruiters that teaching doesn’t have transferable skills to other industries.”

π—”π—§π—§π—˜π—‘π—§π—œπ—’π—‘ employers, recruiters, hiring managers & whoever else needs to hear this:

Classroom Management πŸ‘‰ People Management
Instructional Design πŸ‘‰ Training & Development
Lesson Planning πŸ‘‰ Project Management

More transferable skills:
β€’ Active listening
β€’ Critical thinking
β€’ Complex problem solving
β€’ Time management
β€’ Negotiation
β€’ Budget management
β€’ Purchasing & inventory
β€’ Expert communication
β€’ Coordinating
β€’ Managing others
β€’ Public speaking
β€’ Systems analysis

So, when someone says they are/were a teacher, what they ACTUALLY mean is:

I am a leader in training and development, performance improvement, and project management. As an effective organizational influencer, I have an innate ability to build, motivate, train and develop high-performance teams.


I am an effective communicator who is exceptionally skilled at explaining complex principles and concepts in an easily understandable way. I’m also a creative problem solver who effectively develops working relationships across teams and is able to quickly adapt to shifting priorities in order to achieve objectives.


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Article by Lezlie Garr (Career Change Advocate | Certified Career Transition Coach & Resume Writer | LinkedIn, Interview & Job Search Strategist | I help ambitious professionals shift out of soul-sucking work and into meaningful careers)

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