Satoshi BTCs – Solution to BTC shortcomings

The traditional mining model is not environmentally friendly due to high energy consumption, leading to boycott by many countries worldwide.

The arrival of the 5G era, the computer technology era will definitely migrate to the mobile Internet era, the general trend is unchangeable.

This time, Satoshi BTCs swept the world strongly, providing users around the world with a real cell phone zero jerk mining APP with a total of 2.1 billion pieces, opening a new situation of blockchain digital currency trading.

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BTCs is equal to the task ahead both in facts and speculations. Queries like “Private Keys, Wallets, Nodes…” about the project are entirely unnecessary currently as it is still on the developmental stage called testnet.

From verified observation, the BTCs mobile app looks like a professional decentralized exchange/wallet. The network speed is 10 times faster than many top crypto exchanges likel Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, etc., as it is as fast as 10 quotes per second and has clear quote functions.

The indicator direction prompts surpass all exchanges, making it easier for miners to judge the direction. It is prepare for the creation of a decentralized USDs Stable Currency.

According to the plan, the digital coin of all countries will also be connected in the future. So that all those BTCs miners will become one of world leaders and beneficiaries.

The current development of Bitcoin has become a tool for capitalism to cut leeks. Development of Bitcoin today has changed Satoshi Nakamoto’s original mission, It is not peer to peer digital cash payment system. He quit for ten years and built the second Bitcoin (BTCs) to realize his original dream in the future.

Satoshi BTCs is truly pushing to solve the shortcomings of BTC, and also making peer-to-peer digital cash payments achievable with minimal network fee for transactions.

To design and develop BTCs, you need to understand and have knowledge about the following (which Satoshi Nakamoto is up to the game) ;

  • Currency system,
  • Financial payment system,
  • Economic and trade settlement,
  • Exchange rate,
  • IT, Network & Security encryption,
  • Software architecture & development,
  • Professional domain knowledge. relationship to Bitcoin
1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa : Bitcoin’s Block 0 address is connected to block 0 of BTCs? Maybe Satoshi Nakamoto’s 1 million bitcoins empower the value of btcs? If so, BTCs may be close $1 Trillion market value.

BTCs Registration Kindly WhatsApp +2348160999249 for guidelines on BTCs registration and verification (KYC) procedures.

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