Satoshi BTCs to USD live, marketcap and chart

BTCs Satoshi miners, read the latest update made on some part of the whitepaper (Satoshi BTCs to USD live, marketcap and chart)

A total of 2.1 billion are issued, which can be obtained through two mining methods. The BTCs were mined through the Satoshi app mining in the early stage, and the BTCs can be obtained through on-chain decentralized node mining in the later stage.

This mobile/phone app mining is an innovative airdrop method… The end date for mining BTCs on your mobile phone is 12th December 2022

At this juncture, if you have the capability to refer more people to enable you to be accumulating more BTCs per block, please start today! But if you don’t have, at least be active with the HashCard exchanges and claiming the blocks you have participated earlier without allowing it to reach 150 blocks.

A crypto project that has been giving out over $50k worth of BTC weekly as incentives via mining rewards and BTC Giveaway courtesy of BTCs mining is not a joke. Though they advised miners to keep a clear state of mind on the outcome of the BTCs project, but truth is that the team came fully prepared.

This BTCs mobile/phone app mining is an innovative airdrop method. So, take it very serious to bag as much as you can now!

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