Satoshi BTCs: Steps to swap BTCs to USDT, BTC or ETH

Miners of the Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs), here are verified guidelines for the test swap on Satoshi Chain TestNet – an alternative blockchain used for testing to dictate errors and make corrections without the main chain getting affected.

In order to let BTCs miners experience Web3 and Decentralized Trading, the Satoshi team deployed a test swap powered by Uniswap V2 Contracts on Satoshi TestNet.

Also, a test token sUSDT (satoshi USDT) was added on the faucet webpage to enable users test run (experiment) the new functionalities easily. You can test sUSDT transactions as swapping is enabled/activated. You can swap tBTCs to sUSDT or sUSDT to tBTCs, to tBTC or tETH.


Steps: Visit this 👉 link and follow the instructions. Beware that, everything built on the TestNet is strictly for testing purposes only. No real value and can’t be used as real transactions. Just experiment. It is free, and not mandatory for every user to participate in the testnet experiment.

Steps to fetch sUSDT test stable coin on MetaMask wallet

  • Open MetaMask wallet and click Import Token.
  • Input the token Contract Address;


  • After importing sUSDT on your MetaMask account, go to fetch sUSDT on the tBTCs faucet webpage.

Steps To Signup Satoshi BTCs

  • Click Signup link to fill required information, and proceed to verify your email address.
  • Download App after registration, login and do real name authentication by entering your name including your ID number.
  • Then, do the Face Verification, and start mining by clicking on the mining symbol at the bottom.
  • You can go offline or switch off your data, but will still mine. When you come back, just click on “Receive BTCs” and your mined coins will be deposit to your account.
  • Mining starts automatically every 10 minutes after a block is received or not. Every block received is the mined BTCs coins.
  • Your “Receive BTCs” will be lighted in orange colour every 10 minutes if a block is received.


On the Bitcoin (BTC) rewards/incentives, as a new user, you will receive the BTC daily reward from day 1 to 3 (to day 7 in most cases). Then it will stop, and you can be getting BTC via Mining Factory (referrals) which also enables you to participate in the BTC giveaway too.

Every new innovation is subject to uncertainties. Do not speculate or overhype the Satoshi BTCs unnecessarily, rather be optimistic and factual with your statement about the project.

BTCs is a free and experimental project, regardless of the process and result, it is the natural choice for the survival of the fittest by the theory of evolution.

Endeavor to join BTCs Satoshi telegram group chat with over 18k active members for collective dissemination of updates regarding the project.

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