Reviews: Satoshi BTC (BTCs) Mining – Scam or Legit?

BTC has 21M TotalSupply while has 2.1Bn TotalSupply with over 20M participants globally and over 200M BTCs accumulated thus far.

By registering on and verifying your identity (KYC), you become a miner and you will be eligible to mine BTCs for free (with or without referral) and be getting daily Bitcoin (BTC) rewards.

Steps to Register on Satoshi

Registration link:

  • Click on the registration link to register and verify your email address.
  • Download App after registration. Login and do real name authentication by entering your name including your ID number (National ID, Voter ID, driving licence or passport number)
  • Perform the FACE VERIFICATION by following the screen instructions. Real name authentication is compulsory and without it, you can’t start mining.

How to start mining BTCs Satoshi

Click on the mining symbol at the bottom to start mining. Mining is automatic after clicking on the start mining. You can go offline or switch off your data, but will still mine.

When you come back, just click on “Receive BTCs” and your mined coins will be deposit to your account. Mining starts automatically every 10 minutes after a block is received or not. Every block received is mined coins. Your “Receive BTCs” will be lighted in orange colour every 10 minutes if a block is received.

Satoshi Bitcoin (BTCs) Mining

[Coin Features]

  • Total issued volume: 2.1 billion. Recommended compensation: Hash UP – 1Line 20% / 2 Line 10%
  • Basic Condition : Hash 100k provided free of charge.
  • Mining method: Receive coins that were mined 150 blocks (1 block every 10 minutes)

What is a Bitcoin (BTC) ?

Many people often wonder what Bitcoin really is and why everyone is talking about it.

Bitcoin is simply the first crypto currency that was created, and is not controlled by any country’s central bank, any organization, nor individual. You can send, spend or save it, just like fiat money. However, it is better than your normal money.

It has no single point of control. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been any need for it. This helps prevent one person or a few group of people deciding how it is to be used. This means no single point of failure.

Bitcoin is run by a peer-to-peer network of people via connected computers scattered all around the world. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can join this network through their own computer with internet connection. This is the basic definition of Bitcoin.

For clarification on Satoshi BTC ( mining, kindly join the BTCs telegram groupTwitter Community, and the Satoshi BTCs Announcement Channel to be up-to-date with the latest information regarding the project.

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