BTCs Satoshi – Registration Guidelines

Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs) offers every registered and verified user the opportunity to ‘mine’ with or without referral.

Reviews from BTCs participants globally hints that, the mining is completely free and stress free. BTCs with total supply of 2.1Bn is aiming to be recognized as second Bitcoin (BTC).

Registration Guidelines for Satoshi BTCs:

  • Signup by submitting Email and Password of your choice. Then, Download the app.
  • LOGIN on the App (by entering the same email and password you used in signing up)
  • Click on “ME” shown below and Verify your account (Real-name Authentication)
  • Provide Authentication Name, and available ID Number (Passport, National ID or Driver’s License).
  • Then, start Face Verification.

When you are done, Click on “MINING” to start mining BTCs. Do note that, every 10minutes you’ll receive 1 block, it can only save up to 150 blocks, so you need to receive it always.


For guidelines on BTCs registration or mining, you can join the BTCs Twitter CommunityTelegram GroupSatoshi BTCs Announcement Channel.


How to participate on BTC Giveaway via BTCs mining app:

Satoshi BTCs has continued to release over $50k worth of BTC on weekly basis via the BTC giveaway. They’ve spent over $2m in the last 12 months.

This project’s team ain’t here for a joke. We advise everyone mining BTCs to take it serious and make sure that you claim your mined BTCs on daily basis without waiting for the 150 blocks to elapse.

There’s intense security upgrade going on the Satoshi app mining for some days now, in preparation for the test network (testnet) as most miners were prompted to retake Facial Verification.

How To Participate in the BTC Giveaway

  • Click on Mining and Select BTC Giveaway
  • Click on Rule Description. After reading it, go back & available votes. Tap on B, T, C to input any number of your choice. When done, go ahead with your mining. You might be among the lucky winners.

Note that, summation of the numbers shouldn’t exceed available votes, but can be lower or equal, and you must have at least one referral who is verified (previous week) ; that’ll fetch you 100 votes.

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