BTCs: Satoshi Card Importance To Mining

SatoshiCard importance in the HashCard section for increasing the “MyHash” enabling faster mining/accumulation of the BTCs (

New users should grab it because it can bring you double increase in your “MyHash” (For example, if you use 100k MyHash for mining, you can only have 3 BTCs a month! After using SatoshiCard, you can get 30 BTCs in one month)

In, activation of the Satoshi Card is paramour. The maximum value of SatoshiCard is 120k addition to your “MyHash”

New miners who haven’t obtained SatoshiCard should endeavor to receive it in time to increase mining quickly!

Steps to Activate SatoshiCard in BTCs app:

  1. Open the BTCs app and select the WhitePaper.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the white paper page; there’s a string of codes appearing like BTC receiving address.
  3. Continue clicking on the number repeatedly until it shows you that you have won something.
  4. Then go back to your HashCard, refresh it and you’ll see the Satoshi Card there.

BTCs: Satoshi Card Importance To Mining

Blockchain defines the future of finance and makes the distribution of rights and interests fairer! It has built a new community of interests! Changed the pain points of virtual fra-ud and malicious tampering.

At the same time, it creates open, fair, transparent, and non-tamperable protection rights for value and redistribution! The existing organizational distribution structure has capital monopoly and control.

BTCs are free and fair for the whole journey! Everyone participates equally! BTCs are truly great decentralized cryptocurrencies! You can create USDs world stable currency! Can benefit ordinary people all over the world!

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