Analysis on BTCs Satoshi coin (Video) is proving to serve as Satoshi Nakamoto’s second Bitcoin (BTC). There’s a recent update on the BTCs app. You can update your app to see the latest development.

Satoshi BTCs is BTC mobile version by architecture analysis. That’s the major reason you also get BTC as reward. Be happy because you are among the early miners of BTCs. Watch video Analysis on Satoshi coin, here.

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts do say that free Blockchain projects are usually worthless, but on BTCs Satoshi coin, all funds for system operation and maintenance have been paid completely, so that you can ‘mine’ for free. Also rewards miners with BTC.

More miners are joining the BTCs Satoshi, and the HashRate has increased overtime. If you are very superficial to think BTCs is a virtual token on ETH, you are wrong because the mining and distribution are done in the BTCs system, fair and just. ETH is just a means of circulation.

Recall, BTCs issued 2.1Bn TotalSupply to be distributed fairly among active miners, starting from “Block 0” unlike most speculative cryptocurrency projects.

The HashCard on BTCs has reached the beginning of “4” code. At present, many miners have started with “4” hash card code. Each time, the hash card is exchanged, it is the process of weaving a web with different miner from all over the world, weaving the real receipts of cryptography and the test web of the global security system.

Hackers will never be able to break it, even if a Quantum Computer is used in the future, the system is the safest, and the technology is currently the best globally.

Satoshi Nakamoto has considered the security of the system for the next 100 years to ensure that your assets in the system is safe and won’t be stolen.

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