Satoshi BTC (BTCs) – Roadmap and Reviews

The Roadmap and Reviews of Satoshi BTC (BTCs) detailed that, it will serve as a payment gateway and Smart Chain fees in the future – Mainnet.

Just like Binance Smart Chain, OkEx Smart Chain and Ethereum, BTCs will also serve as gas fees inorder to purchase crypto assets and launch a project like Metaverse, NFT’s, Swap Exchange, etc…

Since BTC (PoW) and ETH (Pos) is integrate all infrastructure are be one. BTCs is the future and we recommend that miners endeavor to explore the Satoshi app, reach out to more people to signup. Let them understand the basics of what they are signing up for and how it works.

Excerpt: We are not mining BTC. We are mining BTCs. The BTC are incentives. BTCs doesn’t have official value yet – Mainnet is scheduled to come up by 2nd Quarter of 2022. No idea about what the launching price will be (speculating crypto prices unnecessarily are not ecosystem friendly).

When telling people about BTCs, make your statement concise, informative and self explanatory, then add your referral link below it. Be consistently consistent with facts about the BTCs Satoshi project.

2.1 billion BTCs are issued (Total Supply), which can be obtained via two mining methods – the Satoshi app mining (which is an innovative airdrop method) in the early stage, and the on-chain decentralized node mining in the later stage (After December 12, 2022).

Attack will come. People will tag it a scam. Stay focused on your mission. Satoshi Nakamoto said, “If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.”

The major vision of BTCs is to be a significant crypto second to BTC, create wealth for fairness, and protect wealth. Grab the opportunity and mine it with the early birds.

BTCs sign-up link, here.

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