BTCs Satoshi As Peer-To-Peer Payments Method

BTCs is a crypto project developed December, 2020 with intention to building a cryptocurrency which will serve as second Bitcoin, create wealth for fairness and protect wealth (as stated on the WhitePaper).

China was the first miner of Satoshi app, since December 12, 2020. Satoshi Nakamoto is not after fame and fortunes. This type of person are rare and a huge gift to humanity as he seeks to solve one of the world biggest problems. WhitePaper

Satoshi BTCs as the ideal of peer-to-peer payments method globally, the following should be noted:-

December 12, 2020, the global public millions of miners, the same moment that day, first-hand experience BTCs from 0 blocks, the first BTCs coin was born. BTCs project mobile phone mining to recruit a large number of registered miners before starting to pre-mining, as fair and just as possible.  It can be said that BTCs is the most decentralized coin in the world digital currency project chips. So far it is impossible for anyone to mine more than 60,000 BTCs.

BTCs Satoshi mining, with real people as the mining machine, a real person for a block, Satoshi Nakamoto BTCs with blockchain technology + cryptography technology, every real person in the world, the uniqueness of the block address, the perfect secure link together. It can be understood that only real people APP mining, with real people as a block, each real person linked with arithmetic code, forming a chain, non-repeatable, non-returnable, non-modifiable, traceable proof of real people.  Satoshi Nakamoto mining is not able to miners to participate in virtual mining, is to block computer miners to generate virtual data. WhitePaper Online mining, using real data information provided by each real person (ID information + face recognition data + cell phone code + IP information network information, etc…) to form a special secure real data hash value. If you accidentally lose your cell phone or account, it is easy to retrieve it through identity + face recognition technology. If someone steals your account, it is not possible to do any transaction within 3 days, you have enough time to retrieve your account. It can be said that BTCs account security is higher than banks, each person is unique, it is impossible to create a fake account.

Satoshi Nakamoto BTCs are not just used for the digital payment field, a digital gold status, but for the payment field is and BTCs anchored value of USDs (decentralized stable coins). We can understand that BTCs are similar to the real gold, the price fluctuates randomly according to supply and demand. And USDs similar to the counterpart of gold price currency is a stable coin, sometimes gold is $400 an ounce, sometimes $300 an ounce, but USDs will not fluctuate or rarely fluctuate, it is this decentralized stable coin.

Satoshi Nakamoto BTCs free cell phone hand mining 0 second transfer, free transfer. All you need is the other party’s phone number (for domestic miners) or email address (for overseas miners) and the transfer will be done instantly.

Verified BTCs WhitePaper

Satoshi Nakamoto BTCs free cell phone mining, only a cell phone can be completed. BTCs mining is the project’s own entity physical mine to provide the arithmetic power to mine, and not some miners misunderstood cell phone software mining. So far, the cell phone chip can’t satisfy the computing needs of the mining cryptography algorithm, but only through the project’s own mine (server) to provide arithmetic support, the project currently has 81 super servers and 370 arithmetic servers, mainly deployed in the United States, Japan and China (a small number), we upgrade the app every time (including the last expansion) will not appear lagging phenomenon, is the above The above-mentioned server base is supporting the whole process.

This shows that the investment and strength of the project is not trivial. And why basically any configuration of cell phones can be BTCs mining? Because the phone only contributes part of the computing power.

Each block generated by the BTCs app stores the hash value calculated by cryptography, the arithmetic ratio of each miner and other information, with “unforgeable”, “full trace”, “traceable “, “open and transparent”, “collective maintenance” and other characteristics. After the mobile phone is connected to the server, it becomes a valid block that cannot be tampered.

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