BTCs mining (Dashboard, Worth, Launch Date)

Using BlockHeight to analyze how long the Bitcoin Satoshi (BTCs) mining has been or when it started :

Each (1) block is mined every 10 minutes. This means that, every 1hr (60 minutes), 6 blocks are mined. In a day (24hrs), 144 blocks are mined [ie 6×24]

Now, the BlockHeight has surpassed 44,140… Divide it by 144, you’ll get 306.5+ (Which is 306 Days, and that’s about 10 months)

So, I can confortably use it to tell you that this BTCs project isn’t upto 1yr (365 days)


Another insight is that, each block mined contains 5000 BTCs which is fairly distributed among active participants. Through this, you can determine how many btcs is in circulation (ie how many that has been mined out of the 2.1 billion TotalSupply)

44,140 x 5000 = 220,700,000… So, there’s over 220million units of BTCs mined (in circulation/participants are holding or have accumulated)

Note that, Satoshi Bitcoin (BTCs) is still on testnet and the value is $0 and you can’t transfer or withdraw it at this current phase.

BTCs will have 2.1 billion in the TotalSupply and over 220M BTCs has been mined so far. The project looks promising from information obtained on its white paper.

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