How To Activate Bitcoin Satoshi (BTCs) Mining

On Bitcoin Satoshi (BTCs), you can Mine over 10 BTCs monthly, but after the halving process, you may not be able to mine upto 5 BTCs in a month. Fairly distributed.

BTCs Satoshi Mining is still a project in Testnet striving to build a crypto project that’ll serve as second Bitcoin. This is another reason they reward miners with BTC – 0.0002 is the minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin on BTCs Satoshi app.

Another BTCs Satoshi whale spotted. The secret to earn more BTCs per block is Recruiting Miners (Referrals).

He started mining BTCs on 14th September, 2021. Today (11th November, 2021) he has mined (accumulated) 1251 BTCs coin.


We ain’t mining BTC, rather we are rewarded with BTC (as incentives) for mining BTCs.

If you missed BTC in year 2009, do not miss BTCs this year because from every necessary indications, the project is heading to successful site too.

Registration and mining of BTCs Satoshi is 100% free with or without any referral.

Registration link:

Defined WhitePaper and they stated the TotalSupply (2.1Bn). No room for fake accounts – all users must pass KYC (Identity Verification) upon registration before start mining BTCs.

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