Satoshi BTCs mainnet launch methods (speculation)

Satoshi BTCs mainnet is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022 (between April to June), and here are speculated launch methods.

Satoshi BTCs mainnet launch

Independent Way

Satoshi’s independently exchanges on the main network with BTCs, a pure new currency, without any proportional exchange connection with other cryptocurrencies, and runs his own independent public chain, but can be freely exchanged for other currencies according to market value.

Exchange method

There are three types of currencies in the setting personal assets page of the mining APP: BTC, ETH and BTCs. BTCs are converted into BTC or ETH according to a certain percentage to open the main network.

Mixed Way/Method

Satoshi BTCs can be traded independently after the mainnet is launched independently . After minting the stable currency USDs , at the same time, the stable currency USDs can be exchanged for BTC and ETH according to a certain proportion for exchange listing.

None of the above

Without going to any exchange, it can be freely used in the market for easy logistics. The vision of Satoshi Nakamoto ’s BTCs is to mint stable currency USDs. In the future, it may be ecologically developed and circulated in the form of USDs, and the only way to obtain USDs is to use BTCs. exchange.

The above analysis and speculation are from Chinese BTCs community and do not represent the thoughts of any party. Nonetheless, how Satoshi BTCs will be listed on the mainnet, we are the biggest gainers, and we are all looking forward to the tens of million BTCs participants around the world. Let’s wait for the second quarter (April-June) Official launch of the mainnet.

Recall that, Satoshi BTCs app itself is speculated to serve as a crypto exchange wallet too ; just like #Binance coin have their own index and exchanges that is capable of monitoring value and volatility on precise 100% accuracy.

Satoshi #BTCs app itself would serve same purpose – as upcoming big projects will start to develop on BTCs Smart Contract that is pegged to Satoshi Chain Network. A promising surge of value and future most use fuel for NFT, Metaverse and Web 3.

Satoshi app network speed is faster than most top level crypto exchanges. It’s as fast as 10 quotes per second and has clear quote functions, and providing perfect Index accuracy, compared to others.

BTCs is committed to providing professional, accurate and fastest quotation and data analysis services. With globally distributed market data servers, price updates are as fast as ten times per second & allow users to view massive amounts of global information at the same time…

BTCs provides multi-dimensional analysis & supports price trend analysis, including candlestick charts, OHLC charts, line charts, & professional analysis indicators such as MACD/KDJ/RSI/BOLL/WR. + market capital flow monitoring allows users to view inflow & outflow of funds.

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