– Reviews is a decentralized cryptocurrency  developed to be a medium of p2p (peer-to-peer) exchange for real life utilities like our centralized currencies (fiat).

The inventors of Bitcoin (BTC) developed the coins first before searching for utilities that’ll adopt them for exchange. BTC having a high transfer issues and limited in number of 21M TotalSupply can’t satisfied such fleet plans, and that birthed BTCs (Satoshi Bitcoin). – Scam or Legit?


  1. BTCs isn’t Bitcoin (BTC) but Bitcoin Satoshi (BTCs). BTC has 21M TotalSupply while BTCs has 2.1Bn TotalSupply with over 20M participants globally. Free registration & mining (with or without referral)
  2. BTCs value is zero (0) and you can’t transfer or withdraw it yet. But BTC you got can be transferred (among your friends/colleagues mining BTCs) or you can withdraw it to any crypto wallet/exchange wallet (minimum withdrawal is 0.0002 BTC)
  3. By registering on BTCs and verifying your identity (KYC), you become a miner and you will be eligible to mine BTCs for free (with or without referral) and be getting daily Bitcoin (BTC) rewards.
  4. If you have not started mining BTCs, please start today. From indications, the project is heading to successful site too.
  5. is a legitimately project that is underrated. Steps to Join/Register on : Click on this “Registration Link” to register and verify your identity immediately using NIN digits or PVC digits, and start mining.

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