Generating Liquidity for BTCs Satoshi

Miners of BTCs Satoshi may have asked for the steps on how Liquidity will be generated for the project when it gets to Mainnet.


Checking the statistics, over $40k are giving out weekly via the BTC Giveaway courtesy of BTCs Satoshi Mining.

We do not engage in price speculation of cryptocurrencies, but the team (who are still unknown) behind this project are pushing hard to make it successful.

Remember that, the world population who are currently into crypto ain’t upto 5%, so expect bigger surprises in the market.

Generating Liquidity on BTCs Satoshi for Mainnet, anything is possible. Remember, the TotalSupply of the will be 2.1Bn only, and those mining it are already verified (KYC-ed) users. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and stay focused. strives towards building a crypto that will serve as second Bitcoin. This is major reason they reward miners with BTC for their participation.

On BTCs mining, the HashCard section is divided into four types of cards with different levels. They are 5%, 10%, 50% and 100%

There are seven types of cards under the HashCard section with different names;

  • BeetleCard, AntCard, SpiderCard = 5%
  • RockCard, FormationCard =10%
  • WitnessCard =50%
  • Satoshi Card =100%

Percentage (%) cards of the same kind can initiate each other’s participation, which maximizes their computing power, which brings more MyHash to all miners to increase mining revenue.

NB: Whether you initiated or joined, it’s the same/equal benefits will be distributed to your “MyHash,” this proves that the system is fair with the distribution of the BTCs.

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Note that, mining BTCs is achievable with or without referral.

How To Register/Sign-up for BTCs

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