BTCs: HashCard Exchanges – Boost Your “MyHash”

If your “MyHash” is below 350k, focus on HashCard exchanges to boost it. BTCs intend building a crypto that would serve as second Bitcoin (BTC).


Satoshi BTCs gives out $50k+ worth of BTC weekly via mining rewards & BTC giveaway. They are also developing a digital asset data analytics platform for users to consolidate their crypto trade data from multiple exchanges to a single platform for easier performance analysis and risk metrics.

TotalSupply of BTCs is 2.1Bn, and over 242M units are currently in circulation (mined/accumulated by real humans) as there are no room for multiple or fake accounts because members must do identity verification before starting the mining process.

Steps to join: Click link below to register; then download the app & login to verify your identity immediately using NIN/PVC/Passport Number & do Face Verification.

Registration link 👇

PS: After registration, download the app and login, then verify your identity to be able to start mining & be receiving your BTC rewards daily.

BTCs telegram group with over 1k members. Join us for faster exchange of HashCard and valid updates…


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