BTCs: Why You Must Participate in Exchange of HashCard

BTCs Satoshi participants, here are the reasons you must participate in the Exchange of HashCard as part of your contribution.

The HashCard exchange aids the BTCs system security, speed and enhance mining rate. As the rewards shows on your MyHash section, the computational results are displayed on the Hashrate.

Hashrate is a measure of the computational power per second used when mining; it is the speed of mining – measured in units of hash per second. Systems with high hash power are efficient and can process a lot of data in a single second.

After successful execution of any HashCard you initiated or joined, you have established a tie with the user (miner) – that is why you can’t join what the person initiated again, neither can the person join what you initiated.

Note that, BTCs Satoshi coin is a cryptocurrency designed to solve the problem that Bitcoin (BTC) couldn’t solve, by ensuring fair distribution of the coin among the participants globally.

In the upmost of the app, you will find optional, coins, derivatives, hot, news etc. In coins you will find “Satoshi index, major index, composite index and BTC perpetual and BTC.” In the bottom section, you will find “Quote, Ranking, Mining,  News, Me.”

Quote:- Here, you find the index of BTC and altcoins’ movement (up down price) in mili seconds.

Ranking:- Here, you obtain information about any ranking crypto for the day, week or month.

Mining:- This is where every BTCs participants’ clicks to receive their block rewards, check mining factory, participate in the BTC Giveaway, and see preview of the BTCs and BTC in their asset.

News:- This is the places where all Cryptocurrencies news and update is found.

ME:- Here, you will find the place to withdraw your BTC or BTCs including ETH.

By refering and reading all the above information now you will find that BTCs is not a Cryptocurrency rather it’s superior than any kind of Cryptocurrency or any exchanger platform.

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