Satoshi BTCs: FAQs Section (Updated)

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section about Satoshi BTCs, aimed at helping the miners worldwide to know more project.

Firstly, the BTCs mining of Satoshi has proven to be legit and not fake/scam – by offering free registration and mining to participants, and you must pass through the identity verification process called KYC before you can start mining BTCs.

Some blogs that are writing bad reviews about BTCs with nothing to backup their claims is due to ignorance, so let’s explore and give you facts on why BTCs is confirmed as legit crypto project.

The BTCs Satoshi dashboard have the following features; TotalSupply, Hashrate, MyHash, Circulation, BlockHeight, HashGains, NextBlock, MyMiners, Contributed, BTC Giveaway.

How To Participate in the BTC Giveaway;

  • Click on Mining shown below and select BTC Giveaway.
  • Click on Rule Description shown above, after reading it, go back.
  • Scroll down and check how many available votes you have.
  • Then tap on B, T, C and input any number of your choice. When you’re done, go ahead with your mining for the day. You might be among the lucky winners.
  • Note that, summation of the numbers shouldn’t exceed available votes, but can be lower or equal. Eligibility to participate – you must have at least one referral who is verified (previous week) that will fetch you 100 available votes.

BTCs Registration link: 👇

You can send a whatsapp message to us via +2348160999249 for BTCs registration and mining guidelines.

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