Fact Check: Satoshi BTCs (BTCs.love) – Reviews

Bitcoin is the eldest son of Satoshi Nakamoto. Due to the premature open source, his father Satoshi Nakamoto left before he could grow up. Bitcoin was raised freely after eating thousands of meals.

The process of growing up was rough and uneven. He didn’t grow up according to his father’s expectations, but at least he grew up and made some achievements.

BTCs is the second son of Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi have learned the lessons of their eldest son Bitcoin’s growth. They will not open up sources too early and will no longer be raised by others.

Satoshi Nakamoto will personally raise BTCs. Then BTCs.love will grow up in such a superior environment.

Remember that, the vision of BTCs is to be a significant cryptocurrency second to BTC, create wealth for fairness, and protect wealth.

While you engage in the BTCs Satoshi Mining, keep a positive state of mind about the project and render publicity with facts to enable the project build a community of great minds.

BTCs has given out over $500k worth of BTC as incentives in the past 8months. The major thing been mined is BTCs which has 2.1Bn TotalSupply.

No room for fake accounts because you must do identity verification before u start mining BTCs. This means that, there won’t be any stress when the project will go Mainnet.

BTCs is worth $0 as it is still on Testnet. Grab the opportunity and mine it before Mainnet. This crypto market is versatile, so expect huge surprises.

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