BREAKING: Many Found Dead, Vehicles Destroyed As Petrol Tanker Explodes In Lagos Nigeria

Goods worth several millions of naira were also destroyed by fire, it was gathered that the affected truck, which loaded the substance from one of the tank farms along the expressway, was heading outward Apapa.

However, on reaching a failed section of the road, the tanker overturned, spilled its content and went up in flames.

The loud bang rattled some drivers, who were sleeping in their trucks, awaiting the right time to hit the road.

They scampered in different directions for safety. Unfortunately for drivers of other trucks behind, they could not manoeuvre their ways because of the failed section.

Mentorslinks gathered from Sahara Reporters that, they abandoned their trucks and managed to run for their lives.

The fire also affected some trucks on the other side of the road waiting for their turn to drive into the port.