Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs) factual system details

Global Top 100 BTCs miners does not hold for more than 1% of the BTCs in Circulation due to the decrease of HashGains as more people joins.

This entails that, the decentralization of chips will give the participants wealth safety and not worry about anyone, team or institution manipulating the BTCs market price in the future. This is another form of decentralization which Bitcoin couldn’t achieve to some extent.

The real-time blockchain news section on the Satoshi BTCs mining app is top-notch, as it will help miners to stay up-to-date with the latest and valid information/news on crypto and fight against misinformation that may create FUD or Scam newbies.

Satoshi is reportedly creating BTCs public Blockchain. The third Blockchain Technique Revolution.The “Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs)” system has never been imitated, and technical factors are important reason. The HashCard design mechanism is a unique technology of BTCs across the globe. Other system can’t even surpass, even imitate. This is the reason why BTCs have no imitation.

The HashCard section on BTCs mining app has to start with a professional term known as ICCID (IC Card Identification Code), which is the card number of the SIM card in the mobile phone. Each card number is unique and has unique attributes, which is uniformly filed and recognized globally.

In the Satoshi BTCs app, there’s a serial code generator to generate serial numbers. When the miner is successfully registered, the lCCID triggers the serial code generator in the app to generate 5 serial numbers, which are the HashCard exchange numbers (this depicts the principle of fairness). The serial number (hashcard number) generated by the serial code generator has two attributes: uniqueness and seriality.

Everyone will find that all numbers are not repeated during the exchange process. Everyone is combining exchange hash card, which is also a unique decentralized small mining pool mechanism.

The system of BTCs do make use of PoW (Proof of Work) mechanism. PoW has a process of right confirmation. The right confirmation is based on uniqueness, because the serial number is generated by a unique ICCID, which can also be understood as personal signature confirmation. when the hash card exchange is completed, the entire process of right confirmation is over, and everyone gets the corresponding hashrate rewards. This decentralized mining pool will form a sequence based on the originator’s serial number (the hash card exchange code).

The serial number exists in the app and server in a segmented form. When the serial number of a certain number segment is saturated and blocks, the serial number generator will trigger the generation of another number segment according to the increment mechanism. It is the number segment that starts with 3 and 4, and 5 in most cases.

The hash card number is composed of English lowercase and numbers. Because of the incremental mechanism, at the beginning of 2020.12.12, it is a 4-digit number composed of English and numbers. After about a month, it triggered the generation of a 5-digit number segment. February 2021, a 6-digit number segment with a mixture of numbers and English will be generated. In May of the same year, it boosted… the generation of a seven-digit 3-digit number segment. In August, a seven-digit number segment starting with a 4-digit number will be generated. This year This month, a seven-digit number segment starting with a 5 is generated.

Exchange of HashCard equally helps to protect the BTCs system against any hacking attacking like Sybil Attack – a network security system threat where hackers tries to create multiple fake accounts,which they can use fake votes to control blocks, change the order of transactions, and easily steal crypto by coordinated attack! BTCs AI account cheat checking and Hash exchanged to solved the problem.

Everyone knows the rule of wooden barrels, that is the length of the board determines the capacity of the barrel. How does the conversion force relate to the rule of wooden barrels? This hash card is like five wooden boards, all of which are the same length, and more things can be loaded. If one of them is short, there will be fewer things. The hash card is like five wooden boards. If all four boards are satoshi card , there is a beetle or a brown ant on a board inside, then other people’s hashrate will be lost, everyone must pay attention to the operation process.

Details determine success or failure. The Satoshi BTCs app is indeed the top one blockchain system in the world. It was designed with great designing, and the generation of the serial number is evident. In order to avoid mistakes in manual input, the design has been user-friendly, and people are prone to mistakes. The number 1 and English l, and the number 0 and English o did not appear in the number. Think about this detail!

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