#BIAFRA : Nigerian Man calls out #IPOB Leader for A Live Debate Over The Biafran Agitation And History Of Igbo Race (Reasons)

A Nigerian man identified as Daniel Jackson (Facebook user), based in Mexico, writer, history scholar, social media influencer, and controversial personality had taken to his timeline to plea for one-on-one live debate with Nnamdi Kanu – leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB.


Daniel Jackson


According to him;





The Genesis of the problems of ndi Igbo in Nigeria began with the misguided actions of General Aguiyi Ironsi (15 Jan – 29 July 1966). This actions which mainly includes, not punishing the “January boys”, the promulgation of decree no 34, coupled with the accusations of igbo coup conspiracy, led to the counter coup, the brutal torture and assassination of Ironsi, and the massacre of the igbo’s in the north, popularly known as the “pogrom”.



It must be reiterated, that the igbo’s were the first tribe to trigger off violence in Nigeria immediately after Independence. how? the first military coup in Nigeria was led by onitsha born major Emmanuel Ifeajuna and not major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu of Okpanam at Asaba. Nzeogwu was recruited to join the plot later by Ifeajuna. It was the former that recruited Ademoyega in the conspiracy. but the ring leader was an Igbo- Ifeajuna.



The biggest problem of Nigerian youths of today is that; they just shout and argue blindly without intensive research and analysis. and most Pro- Biafran youths throw insults on people whenever salient points are raised over the Biafran agitation. we as youths, should be able to engage in intellectual conversations not insults.



The quest, struggle, or agitation for Biafra is not a crime. because Nigeria is a forced marriage that was orchestrated by the British with the help of Lord Lugard and his mistress Flora shaw. and it is evident that the structure of leadership has lost it’s direction, and an oppressed people has the right to redirect their destiny away from the contraption.



MAZI NNAMDI KANU, does not fully understand some things he’s fighting for. how? he told channels television that “Biafra means a confederation”. but what he’s fighting for is Independence and not a confederation. the can’t be a confederation in a place where you called a zoo. In that same interview with channels which is available on “you tube”, he said Biafra means “freedom, liberty and equity”. but he’s wrong, because Biafra is simply a territory. it is the agitation of the people within or from that territory that is the call or clamour for freedom, liberty and equity and this agitation differs. not all of them wants Independence. the igbo’s are the largest tribe in the Biafran territories and the most vocal for Independence.



MAZI NNAMDI KANU, included Niger- Delta, Rivers, Cross- Rivers, Idoma’s and Igala’s among territories he’s fighting for, and tribes that will join the igbo’s in the independent state of Biafra, but he’s confused. how? The Niger Delta’s were the first people in Nigeria before the Igbo’s to fight for their own Independence against the Nigerian goverment on 23 February 1966 lead by major Issac Adaka Boro, because their oil and gas was exploited by the federal government of Nigeria and the Eastern region which had her capital at Enugu then, and nothing was given to the Niger- Delta’s.



Recently, the Ijaw youths council and elders has made it very clear that they should be counted out of the IPOB struggle. they respect the struggle but they are calling for restructuring and not Independence. and this was also confirmed by Ex- President Good luck Jonathan at a public speech in the United States. that’s why I said earlier, that the agitations of the people confined within or from the Biafran territories differs.



MAZI NNAMDI KANU, has no right to include all Biafran territories in the IPOB agitation for Independence without a referendum being conducted. it is the people that will determine their freedom not individuals. ( take Scotland and Britain as a case study).



MAZI NNAMDI KANU may not be very comfortable with the idea of a referenda for the people of Biafran territories per adventure it fails. he knows that he’s popularity has nothing to do with the minority tribes and the elders of these territories. Nigeria is a country with solid tribal allegiance.



The igbo’s have a problem of tribal solidarity especially among their leaders. right from history, the igbo’s has always been an egalitarian and acephalous society. that’s why you always hear the saying ” Igbo enwe eze”.



Are you aware that the igbo leaders are divided amongst themselves? you can’t mention 10 prominent igbo leaders who are as vocal as Nnamdi Kanu for freedom. they are all dumbs because of the juicy flow the enjoy from the federal government. And even the igbo people are divided. Majority of them has invested billions in the North and South,infact they see MAZI NNAMDI KANU as a mad man when he talks about freedom. this sect of Igbo’s believe in restructuring or igbo presidency.



Nigeria is not ripe yet, especially with the manner MAZI NNAMDI KANU talks, to protect your business and interest for you, while you declare Biafra. Ndi igbo has always been unfortunate with very rotten and corrupt leaders.  Igbo leaders were aware of python dance. They were 100 percent aware and they even signed the papers to massacre their own youths.



As a scholar, I understand that MAZI NNAMDI KANU needs this non igbo speaking territories so badly to achieve his independence dreams, because without this territories the igbo Independence is a mirage. the igbo speaking people are enclosed inside Nigeria with no boundaries with the outside world at all. so they need Niger Delta for oil and gas, possibly sea port and access to the atlantic. they need Rivers badly, for economic reasons and possibly sea port ; especially Port-harcourt. they need cross- rivers for boundary outlets etc. But unfortunately, Governor Nyesom Wike, chief Albert kurubo Horsfall and so many River’s State elders and sons of dignitary has made it very clear that Rivers state has no business with the IPOB struggle of Independence.



Former minister of education, professor Jerry Agada speaking on behalf of the Idoma community made it clear that Idoma’s should be counted out. the Igala’s were I come from, were so dissapointed because we have no historical ancestry with the igbo’s, we stand with our closet brothers, the Idoma’s. The Edo’s, right for the Mid- west invasion of 1967 ordered by Ojukwu and carried out by colonel Victor Banjo has always made it clear that they have no business with the ndi igbo struggle. the Akwa- Ibom social cultural organization known as “Mboko mkpawara”, speaking on behalf of over 7 million ibibio’s has made it clear that they have no business with ndi igbo struggle.



If MAZI NNAMDI KANU doubts my claim, let him come out for a live debate with me head to head, and after the debate, let there be a referendum of all Biafran territories, he will be shocked at the outcome. the noise of freedom is louder than actions. and the actions of the leaders are questionable. read on…..



The igbo freedom is an ideology ignited by late Ojukwu and Igbo elders of 1966 – 1970. as a result of the anarchy after Ironsi’s death. but unfortunately freedom cannot be achieved when your leaders are not prepared to die. Mahatma Gandhi of India, Martin Luther King Jnr of America, Malcolm X, Spartacus the Thracian slave etc, they were all prepared to die for their ideologies of freedom. And they died truly. Nelson Mandela and his friends were prepared to die, but he got life imprisonment and was dissapointed, because he wanted death for his ideology. came out 27 years later.



Jesus also died for the Christian Ideology. but Ojukwu who said he will fight till the last man, fled Biafra in 1970 and MAZI NNAMDI KANU who said on channels he’s prepared to die, fled Umuahia during python dance. These great men, didn’t just run, but they ran with the families, leaving ndi Igbo to be massacred in a struggle they were spear heading. let us think, that’s not the way to win freedom. ndi igbo has suffered and has tried but they don’t have leaders. their Moses is yet to come.



MAZI NNAMDI KANU, I’m calling you out for a live debate. you have to tell Biafrans your economic plans for Biafra. What language will be the official language? ( you can’t break out from a zoo english territory and still adopt their english).



Where is your capital? Your president ( coming from IPOB, neutral people or the corrupt igbo leaders) ? Will they Igbo’s allow an Isoko young man who didn’t join in the IPOB struggle be president? or will the igbo’s tolerate an Idoma man to be their president? how will you manage the rich oil of the Niger Delta? because I know they won’t let you use their oil for any development in core Igbo land.



Will you tolerate your capital at warri or Markurdi? Which major tribe will check the excesses of the igbo’s in Biafra? as Yoruba’s, hausa’s and igbo’s are checking their execesses in Nigeria? Sir, please I respectfully challenge you to a live debate one on one before the world.


Jackson Daniels. First class scholar of history”