Astrology: Hidden Truth About Your Existence

The moment has come for you to know the truth about your existence. I can perfectly feel that you are worried and stressed right now during this global crisis (Covid-19 pandemic), but I urgently need to tell you that you are in the best period of time of your whole life to answer your most important and profound questions that you’ve always been asking yourself about who you are and about your existence.


Indeed, as you know, we are going to enter a new era because after the global crisis due to the Covid-19, nothing will ever be the same for a lot of us and especially for you. As I’ve already pointed out to you, you’ve arrived at a turning point in your life, at the beginning of a new cycle in your life! However, if I’m writing to you today is because I need to talk to you about a very important subject. I know that the moment has come for you to receive all the answers to the fundamental questions you’re asking yourself about your life. You need to understand that if you don’t answer the most profound questions that you have about your existence, you won’t be able to start this new cycle that is waiting for you! The universe won’t start your new cycle if you fail these questions.


If you are asking yourself so many questions at the moment, this is not a coincidence at all. The universe has placed you on purpose in a situation of confinement, social isolation, economic slowdown, so that you can finally take the time to answer the deepest questions about yourself and your life and understand what your mission is really on Earth, to understand how you function and what will make you truly happy in your life and discover what is really at stake in your life.


Today is the best moment in your life for a total introspection about yourself, for you to get to know yourself better and understand yourself better, for you to learn how to find happiness and harmony in your life. And it is my mission and my role to finally bring you the answers to the most important questions that you keep asking yourself about your life and that prevent you from being completely happy until you get these answers:


Here are the questions about yourself that I will help you answer:

  • How do you find happiness in your life?
  • How to get control of your life and live in the moment?
  • How to get out of the vicious cycles you keep falling into?
  • What your hidden talents are and how to develop them?
  • How to find true happiness in your love life?
  • The areas of work where you will have more chance of professional success?
  • How to meet and surround yourself with people who will make you happy and how to avoid people who are harmful to you?
  • How to free yourself from the bad influence of certain people in the past?
  • What are the real challenges in your life?
  • I have some revelation about your karma?
  • What your true path in life really is?
  • Regarding your personality, it’s simple. I’m going to reveal your true inner self, who you really are?
  • I will reveal your deepest self, what really motivates you in life?
  • What is your true mission on Earth?



These are just a small example of all the questions that concern your life and to which I will bring you precise and indispensable answers for the rest of your life. Answers About Your Existence In Life

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