#JOBS: Assurance Service Manager Urgently Needed – Requirements + Application Procedure

Job Opportunity for the position of Assurance Service Manager: The Head, EAS, is responsible for performing non-routine administrative and supervisory tasks (planning, management and resource control) and oversight of service projects to ensure timely, qualitative and efficient service project planning, execution and completion.


Key Competencies and Experiences:

  • Fundamental understanding of AV & Residential Electronics) System Integration, system functionality and installation process/ dependencies in line with the standard building construction process.
  • Familiarity with ODOO ERP software, CRM software and time management software and tools.
  • Experience with operations management and Quality Management System.
  • Advanced time management and analytical skills.
  • Experience in providing excellent customer service support with track record of success from previous employment *Excellent Negotiation, Persuasion and Client Relationship.\
  • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical, interpersonal or project related issues.


Qualification for Assurance Service Manager Job Recruitment:

  1. B.SC in a related course with relevant certification.
  2. 5-7years experience in the commercial & Residential Industry.
  3. Knowledge of Business process and Mapping design.
  4. Certified Technical Specialist (CTS)


How To Apply:

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