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Who care about who you were? I was coming from a friend’s place few years back and just yesterday, I was reminded of what happened at that visit which I feel sharing with you is very much needed.

A friend of mine whom we were close during my time at my first secondary school came back home from school. And I thought visiting him will be fun as their shop was closer to our house.

It’s been a while I had seen him so I felt I should see his handsome smart face again. I got to the shop and we went into long conversation and discuss our old memories. We talked till dusk but it got to a point that we were saying some intellectual things but what he said send some blood up my veins.

“What do you even know?” He said.

I was a young, innocent and below average student while I was in the school we attended together. I was not that smart as you may think and I’m part of those dragging the last position class(don’t mind me, we don’t know what were doing then)

So, when he said, what do I know, I knew he was referring to me based on WHAT I WAS THEN!

I didn’t say anything like,

“Do you think I’m still like that?”

But it was exactly what I was thinking but I kept quiet as I left there to our house jejely…

But do you know where the guy was totally wrong. I am the exact opposite of what I was then now. Then, I don’t relate with people… Now I do freely.

Then, I’m not the best or anything close to being smart… But now I’ve taken hold of my smartness effectively.

Then, I don’t talk… Now, I talk more than I can imagine. (Na my work ooo) But the guy still held on to my past and weaknesses and see it as my present. He assume I am still the same dumb unencouraging young high school boy.

That is what many of us do and we don’t even know we do.

YOU LIVE ON PAST GLORY, MOST ESPECIALLY THE GOOD ONES. When you were smart and promising…. Everyone knows you were the glory of the land. But things have changed now as you are below that person you were then.

But when people see you, they still hail you.

They praise you.

But you know within you that,



Don’t be carried away by people’s praises and not update yourself.

Update yourself! We don’t need who you were, we want who you are now!!! So, keep being updated. Update your person. Update your knowledge. Update your skills. Don’t just sit there and claim the glory of the former is greater than the latter… I pity you ooo.

Let those praising you be deceiving you and not work on yourself, you hear… We will all leave you there and the table will turn to you. You will be the one praising those praising you.

In short, stop living on past glory! Don’t praise your yesterday than your today, if your yesterday’s get to stay greater than your today, you are not IMPROVING!

Let me not deceive you. You should know I won’t! Wake up today and everyday and work on having your today much more greater than your yesterday, no matter how great your yesterday might be!

Your best days aren’t in your past but in your future, so keep making every today the best of every yesterday….

I hope this blessed you.

Article Written By Kolade Adegboyega (Facebook user)


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