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Let’s unravel a brief talkzone on creative article writing, coaching and other related affairs. These are the steps I take when I get sick of creating content.

1️⃣ I go hunting for ideas until I find a topic, theme or project that excites me. Hint: collaborations are a great way to boost creativity.

2️⃣ I give the idea my own flair, using my own brand voice. Content comes to life when it’s personal, original and unique.

3️⃣ I experiment and try something new. It could be a different type of content, different design, or perhaps it reveals a different side of me.

4️⃣ I make sure the idea is fun. It has to be so new, disruptive or fun that I cannot wait to share it.

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.”

What STOPS US from being successful? 
Findings from coaching thousands of folks:

1. Goal: Most people are confused over what they want in life. Many dont have a goal, those that have goals have too many. Clarity is rare. I was stuck here for a long time time.

2. Moving from Thinking to Doing: Many dont work towards achieving their goals. They procrastinate. They keep thinking about it. Many have fears. This is where I lost a long time.

3. Competing with others: People spend so much time & energy competing with other people but not in improving themselves. They are bothered about what will other people think of me. This is where I was stuck the longest.

The only solution to all of this is PICK & STICK.

PICK your goal & STICK to it.

How do you PICK?
Start with what you are good at or what you love to do. What if you choose the wrong thing, you will know within 100 days.

How do you STICK?
DOTS (Do One Thing Surely) for an hour
DOTS for a day
DOTS for a week (this is where the competition ends)
DOTS for a month
DOTS for a year

It takes roughly 100 days to get on track to achieve your goals.

How to stay motivated to do a workout whilst working from home:

When your stuck inside most of the day it’s hard to get the motivation up to do a workout.

Most of you are working from home, in quarantine, lockdown and staying inside most of the day.

It is so important that you still make time to exercise for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Here are three tips to stay motivated:

1. Do a workout you enjoy doing. For example- running, Pilates, yoga, strength training, HIIT, swimming, Aqua aerobics , dance workout! There are so many options.

2. Go outside. Do a workout outside of your home to change your scenery and Perspective. It will help you feel less stressed, anxious, increase oxygen to the body and clear your mind. (This is extremely important if you are working for home)

3. Set a time each day to do a workout. Wake up early in the morning, do a workout and get it over and done with. Or on your lunch break. Go outside and get some fresh air and do a fun workout. 45 minutes Is all you need. There are 12 hours in a day. Make time to better yourself physically and mentally.

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