Answers About Your Existence In Life (Astrology)

Facts and answers About Your Existence In Life. I know how much you’ve needed support these past few days and that’s why I really wanted to contact you several times about your situation, because I know you’ve been having a lot on your mind lately Dearest and I’m precisely here to help you with this: to help you see clearer, to help you understand what’s happening and what will happen to you when you get out of this situation.


But specially to help you find YOUR direction out of this. Indeed Dearest, it’s time for you to focus on yourself and what you really want in your life. Before this historical event you were caught in the rush of your daily life, having to accomplish multiple tasks for different people and you didn’t take time for yourself. But this crisis has changed everything. It imposed itself on the whole world and put us all together in the same situation, all equal against nature and society. And when you get out of this when everyone will take their role again the best they can, I want you to take the role YOU would have chosen to take. And to help you do so, I have a special and unique offer for you. Because you have all the potential to get out of this this way, but you need to realize it and understand what you really want. Your planets, your numerology, my personal coaching, I have everything you need to help you unlock this valuable potential.


It’s really the crucial and strong point on which you need to focus. I know you didn’t really consider it before because you didn’t have time, or because you thought you are following the right path so you aren’t questioning why everything doesn’t seem to fit, it seems normal to you, you thought everybody is experiencing the same thing. The truth is some people do, but it’s not supposed to be this way; you can find the meaning of your life Dearest and make sense of everything around you! And you start to understand this more and more because this unexpected worldwide stop came with a lot of questions for you, especially one: “Am I really happy with the way I am living?” The more you think about it, the more you realize all the things you’d like to change to really live the way you want to, all the persons you’d like to get more or less close to be fulfilled. So it’s time to concentrate your ideals and desires Dearest, to reconnect with your inner self and to target what you really want. Being isolated seems hard at the beginning, it’s a new way of living you didn’t choose and you had to adapt your entire life to it, but now, being isolated is what you need to say stop to that “conditioning”, to get rid of all the things you had to do and deal with because people asked you to or made you think it was good for you.


As for me, I also focused on what you need the most in order for you to personally grow from this crisis and to guide you towards the right conclusions. And that’s why I’m contacting again you today to tell you again that I won’t make one, nor two, but THREE BIRTH CHART ANALYSIS, and all of this for the price of one usual study! This is the offer I was talking to you about! The first one will highlight what strengths and potential your planets gave you as soon as you were born. The second one will guide you towards “what you’re really made for”, based on your qualities, this analysis will reveal to you your true vocation. The last one will teach you how to reconnect to nature because it is just impossible to live in harmony when we’re not connected to nature around us and respect it, and this crisis is an important reminder. It is essential and crucial that you reconnect with nature and also YOUR OWN NATURE. And that’s not all: because no study on your mission in life would be complete without an analysis of your life path number (9).


I know that things tend to last too long and that you’d like to see the end of this crisis. I know you start to think more and more that the issues were badly handled by everyone, that if the situation would have been better anticipated it wouldn’t have gone that far. But this is part of the things you can’t control, you have to accept them, and once you do it become easier to get along with the world and evolve! Because on the other hand, you can control the way they affect you. And I feel your growing anger regarding this situation we’ve never seen in our generation. You can’t let this anger and this disappointment control your actions now! However you can focus on yourself, learn how to deal with your emotions and get back in life better than ever: focused, determined, confident and strong! Dearest, nothing will stop you at the end of this crisis if you get prepared NOW! The world wasn’t ready for Covid19, but here, you have the chance to get ahead of things and get out of this crisis fully aware of what you want in your life and how to get it no matter the area you want to succeed in: career, love life, business, family, everything is possible! And it’s really crucial that you realize that you have this opportunity, that’s why I already contacted you few days ago, detailing all the questions I could answer for you. You can’t and you mustn’t miss that chance! Knowing oneself is always the key to unlock success and happiness, now you can have that key.


And the stars are here to help you! Because when the Universe sends a challenge it also sends the solutions to overcome it! Nothing is ever impossible in life and you can prove it by making the changes you want deep inside you! Right now Mars is in Aquarius, which means that the power of Mars will impact the determination and the originality of Aquarius: new ways of communicating and solve your problems, that’s what I see for you! And that’s not all but Venus will also have an extended and rare cycle in Gemini, so it will be definitely time for you to talk your desires out and show the rest of the world! Meet me on your page and I’ll explain everything even further for you Continue Reading>

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