Angela Watts Article On Job Success Measurement

Angela Watts on SHRM-CP, RACR, CCTC

Are you measuring your job search success by whether or not you get the job?

If so, this may be the reason that you haven’t received an offer. You are obstructing your own growth process.

I’ve spoken many times before about the importance of developing a #growthmindset (viewing mistakes as opportunities to learn). Individuals who focus their energy on learning, EXPAND their skills and abilities much faster than those who focus their energy on defending their actions or criticizing themselves or others.

In listening to a podcast interview with sales expert Phil M. Jones, I realized how his sales tip to “pre-define multiple levels of success” can also be beneficial in #jobsearch.

For example, did you:
– Arrive on-time and look professional? Yes = SUCCESS
– Represent yourself well in the meeting? Yes = SUCCESS
– Articulate your value proposition well? Yes = SUCCESS
– Ask intelligent questions? Yes = SUCCESS
– Leave a favorable impression? Yes = SUCCESS
– Learn something new about the company? Yes = SUCCESS

See how this approach can help build your confidence and also identify specific opportunities for improvement? This process is much more valuable than a conclusion of success based on whether or not you were given an offer.

What are your measures of job search success?

Article Written By: Angela Watts (Fortune 100 Recruiter turned Executive Resume Writer – producing highly effective resumes that get results! – LinkedIn Profile Results)