Angela Nwosu reacts to the popular opinion ‘Rich People Don’t Make Noise’

Influential facebook personality, Angela Nwosu, has reacted to the popular opinion of the rich people don’t make noise.

Here’s what she wrote;

‘Rich people don’t make noise’

Na lie o. Na before I dey reason like that, but when maturity set in, I kon notice say everybody dey live their lives however dem want.

I know a few billionaires wey dey make noise eeh, I no dey hear word for dem. Intimidation na their second name.

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Angela Nwosu/

I also know other extremely rich people wey no dey make noise. You no go even know say dem get money, dem humble die.

I don also see people wey no get shishi, but dey form like say na dem get the whole world. Heavy noise makers wey no get reach 100k for account, I swear.

E get the ones wey no get money at all, and dem understand their level, dem no dey make noise or form wetin dem no be. Dem humble wella.

So you see?
As people faces dey different, na so lifestyle dey different. Make una no dey do hungry generalization wey dey hilarious. E get rich people wey dey make noise, e get some wey no dey make noise. E get poor people wey humble die, e get ones wey sabi make noise upon say dem no get shishi. Make una reason well and cool off, abeg.

If na that noise dey give you happiness, whether rich or poor, my brother, make your noise in peace, and with reckless abandon, as long as you no dey intimidate anybody or form wetin you no be, that’s all.

I took my leave with excess pride🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️



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