Analytical Projection: Social Media Influencers Going To Be Next Generation Of Millionaires

Social media influencing is an industry that you shouldn’t ignore… Written By; Charles Awuzie of Gemsbok Group

Social Media Influencers: A Multi Billion Dollar Industry…

Kylie Jenner charges $1.2million per post… So if you want Kylie to post your picture on her Instagram page, you will pay her over One Million Dollars for just one post. That’s over 18 million Rands… And in Naira, that’s almost Half a BILLION Naira.
For just one post. Just one.

Ariana Grande charges $966,000 (£773,340) per post.

Cristiano Ronaldo charges $975,000 (£780,487) per post, even though he is the most-followed person on Instagram, with 177 million followers.

Social media influencing is an industry that you shouldn't ignore... Written By; Charles Awuzie of Gemsbok Group
Charles Awuzie

Social media influencing is an industry that you should not ignore. Like you all may know by now, I have a special talent of telling which industries or even skills will be the next big thing… Before Covid-19, I spoke about virtual presence and a young Nigerian who caught it made a lot of money during the Covid-19 lock down in Nigeria.

From my analytical projection, Social Media Influencers are going to be the next generation of Millionaires.

Guess what? It takes nothing to become one – just be creative in creating content for the social media.

Gone are the days when becoming a doctor or engineer spelt success… In this generation, success will be redefined to suit the 21st century reality.

Gossip is your greatest power…. Gossip is no longer a negative energy… Gossip is now a positive tool… If you can get millions of people to gossip about you, then you are on your way to becoming the next Kylie Jenner who makes over One Million Dollars per post.

As you look for ways to create multiple sources of income, don’t ignore this fast growing industry.

#CharlesAwuzie – the man who makes money when you gossip about him 😂.