After School What Next? Why You Ought To Be ‘Street Smart’

After School What Next? Why You Ought To Be ‘Street Smart’



I have been locked down for days thinking of what and how to make it ASAP (ie As Soon As Possible) ‘legally’. My jotters are filled with different plans because being idle irritates me. There may be no JOBS unless you creates one for yourself”, a friend of mine said, but I realised some things.



Graduates, fresh and old, don’t let your qualifications prison you. Be open to anything until you find your big break. In most cases, your big break is not even related to your qualifications.



Having the I Am Educated attitude and mindset will leave you broke, struggling and in serious debt. Street people who are smart will make more money than you and progress faster in life because they don’t have the “I’m educated” pride. I am educated, I can’t sell wrapper, I can’t go to Aba and buy curtains or ready-made, I can’t sell this I can’t sell that. Life hasn’t hit you hard, wait.



Street smart people can sell things or goods from thek boot of their cars and they are open to any job or business no matter how undignified it may be viewed by “the society” (society that doesn’t care if you die today or tomorrow). They don’t suffer from “what will people say” syndrome. What’s the point of having a dignified job when your bank account is in overdraft or shameful? You need accolades for what exactly?



Don’t let your qualifications stereotype you into thinking that there is only one way to make it in life. Personally, don’t be surprised if you see me hustling after school. It doesn’t mean I have failed as a person, MAN MUST HUSTLE!!! No one puts food on your table, no one TRUELY cares. I believe in side hustle, I believe in making more than one income.