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Apart from Academic Excellence, for your child to remain relevant in the nearest future they need to have a creative and entrepreneurial skill.

To every academician, for you to thrive, learn to accept the responsibility of being yourself as you are, with all that is good and with all that is bad, with all that is beautiful and that which is not beautiful. In that acceptance a transcendence happens and one becomes free.

Self acceptance of who you are, and how you are meant to be will take you to places you’ve never imagined before.

The best and perfect way you should adapt to manage school and Business are as follows;

  • Brace up
  • Motivate yourself
  • Stay determined and work
  • Quit looking down on yourself
  • Be proud of yourself and do the best of what you can do!

Your confidence shouldn’t be, they’ll like me, rather your confidence should be, I’ll be fine even if they don’t like me.

Believing in our own value without comparisons creates a vibe of confidence, certainty, & attractiveness.

Being happy the way you are, makes you stand out from most people who are just trying to get through the week, so they can escape from life on the weekends.

“When you accept yourself, the world will accept you”.

Don’t waste your time pretending to be someone else. Never try to say or do something just to impress as it will appear weird and it will not flow naturally.

Speak what you truly feel and let nature handle the rest. Give others the freedom to love you or leave you.

Allow people and circumstances to effortlessly choose you and to choose to be in your life.

When you are your most authentic self, the competition is irrelevant.

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