Aba Women Riot: Today Made It 91-Years (Everything You Need To Know)

Aba Women Riot, 1929.

Remembering The Aba Women Riot, 1929.

On this day 91yrs ago, in the morning of November 18, 1929, a period of unrest ensued in colonial Nigeria till January 1930.

The Aba Women Riot of year 1929, protests involved thousands of women from six ethnic groups (Ibibio, Andoni, Orgoni, Bonny, Opobo, and Igbo) who traveled to the town of Oloko to protest against the Warrant Chiefs, whom they accused of restricting the role of women in the government, Introducing new taxes and increasing the prices of agricultural produce.

That marked the beginning of one of the greatest resistance, rebellion and uprising the British imperial colonial rule ever faced in Nigeria and Africa in general.

The Aba Women’s Riots of 1929, as it was named in British records, is more aptly considered a strategically executed revolt organised by these women to redress their social, political and economic grievances.

Record has it that over ten thousand women were involved in this revolt, and about 55 women lost their lives in the riot.

Lead figures: Ikonnia, Nwannedia and Nwugo