83-Year-Old Widow Brutalized By Market TaskForce Implementing Lockdown Order In Abia State [Photos]

83-Year-Old Widow Brutalized By Market TaskForce Implementing Lockdown Order In Abia State [Photos]

83yr-old widow in a video that went viral on social media Was seen brutalized, forcefully pushed out of the market by boys loyal to the market taskforce chairman who claim to be working on implementation of lockdown order exercises in Ohaofia, Abia State.

A scene no right thinking human will “okay” actions of the men who show no sign of any human science in them by rising against an aged granny whom they ought to be assisting with her needs of coming to the market instead of humiliating the helpless aged widow.

We learnt through an eye witness that the people in the market later assisted her, helped took her home after suffering such a great humiliation by the market taskforce gangs.

Read his post;

“My heart 💔 is Broken!! Covid 19!! This is one of the Travesties by security agents / those delegated to enforce the stay at home order. This woman/ widow went to market in ohafia to buy Food stuff! She was humiliated by the chairman of elu development union in the Afia nkwo Market (ohafia).

“This is uncalled for . Seen the video! The guy’s words were discriminatory & humiliating! The assistant Chairman – dismissive . Neither of them apologized. Justice must be served. I cannot fathom the depth of pains & sorrow this woman is feeling. She definitely needs time/ space to work through those avalanche of Feelings!!!

“I can’t really process where the man kept his moral compass & the much needed spirit of empathy!this is Evil and should be condemned in all its ramifications!! This sort of wickedness has no place in humanity. All comparisons are odious!! All the abians / Nigerians with conscience should make sure this goes viral until it gets to the appropriate authority that will get this horrendous act addressed!! After viewing the video / pictures, I was overcome with flood of emotions;- concern, protective care ,the desire to help etc.

“Am not certain why this left me so emotional 😢😢😭. Perhaps because I have great amount of love and respect for the elderly or I was angry over the humiliation she got or simply because she is somebody’s Grandmother,Mother, Daughter, Sister,Aunty ,Step mother ,friend.Regardless, I hope God continues to bless 🙏🙌❣️ her ,her voice be heard and justice served !!!!”

Photos below:

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