Mentorslinks: See 6 Common Career Lies To Avoid

To Get To A Place You’ve Never Been, You Must Do Things You’ve Never Done‼️!

☑️ If nothing changes, nothing changes

☑️ Take a risk today, step out of your comfort zone and grow

☑️ I would rather fail trying, than fail by not trying

6 Common Career Lies:

  1. A job is secure.
  2. A company won’t fire you. (They will – and blame covid)
  3. You can’t start a side business.
  4. Big dreams are for kids who haven’t grown up.
  5. You are either an entrepreneur or an employee.
  6. You should stay off social media and be quiet.

Covid has turned business upside down. The rules are out the window. The global recession is real.

So let’s throw these career lies in the bin.

You can be whatever you want.
“Business” just means charging money.
And you can charge more than one company for your skills.
You can create content online and not ruin your perfect image.

Make your own decisions.
Choose work that makes you smile.

Your career is enjoyable when you do what you want. Your peace is more important than driving yourself crazy trying to understand why something happened the way it did. Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

Not everyone is going to like you so be ok with that and believe in yourself! Some of the most famous people are not liked by everyone.. Be in love with yourself each day and call the people and keep in touch with the people that really care about you..

It took me a long time to truly not care about what people thought of me. From a very young age we tend to compare ourselves to others and fit in as we want to make friends and be liked. We tend to lose ourselves in the process. Sometimes I feel that now though it’s very rare.. First we have to love ourselves enough to be ourselves and the right people will be in our lives and stay there.

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