5 Things you need to know before Marketing your skill

5 things you need to know before marketing your skill

1.) Having a skill is not enough
It’s not enough to have skill , you need to know how , when, where to market your skills

2.) People don’t pay for skills really, they pay for concept.
This is why Pepsi paid, 1 million dollars for a logo, BBC paid 1.8 million dollars for ordinary logo redesign, of red and white colour, what they paid for is not the logo , they paid for the concept

3.) A professional is not someone with the most beautiful design, but with a clean, simple ,clear concept

4.) Learn to turn your skill into a brand, its brand that sells

Billy gene is one of the most successful digital marketers , what does he do, he teaches people how to run Facebook ads, Instagram ads , YouTube ads. He is worth 8million dollars. The thing he teaches are simple but his brand is powerful.

5.) Every skill is marketable, learn the rudiments. Learning is continuous

Article Written By: David O. Oshin.


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