5 Common mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn

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5 Common mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn:

  1. Typing the first letter of your first name or surname in lower case instead of upper case. E.g ‘temi popoola’ instead of ‘Temi Popoola’

  2. Filling in your first name in the place of last name and vice versa. E.g If I write ‘Popoola Temi’, my connections may get confused and address me by my surname. ‘Hello Popoola’ instead of ‘Hello Temi’

  3. Using a low-quality profile picture. It’s better to use a professional picture. I could recommend some professional photographers in Nigeria later.

  4. Witholding good content from the rest of the world because you feel it’s not good enough. You could share your write-up with your colleagues or friends first. You will be suprised to learn that other professionals will find it useful.

  5. Writing content regularly without considering who your primary audience is and what your brand represents.

Temi Popoola
Photo: Temi Popoola

Article written by: Temi Popoola (LinkedIn user) – Conference Moderator I Founder of Voices and Faces I Lawyer I Journalist I Top 50 Personalities on LinkedIn in Nigeria.